Being the representation of pure evil, Chernabog is seen as a ruthless monster, whom is feared by all who have the misfortune of encountering him. He is one of the most powerful dark deities that has ever existed, his power is shown to be incredibly demonic, being able to unleash hellish realms and spirits. Chernabog has positioned himself as not only a dark deity, but the ruler of a dark realm called "Bald Mountain", in which he often erupts from the mountain at night and summons an army of demons to amuse himself and satisfy his devilish desires.

Powers and Abilities Edit

God Magic: Chernabog has many frightening powers at his disposal. One of his many abilities is to control fire, and he uses it in various ways such as breathing fire or making fireballs to be shot from his hands. He can also cause the core of Bald Mountain erupt with tremendous force, which would unleash fire and demons. With his wings Chernabog can create a gale to blow opponents away. He can also create materials or living demons at command and make them do as he sees fit.