Hades is the ruler of the Underworld and younger brother of the mighty Zeus, king of Mount Olympus, who is also responsible for granting Hades' ownership of the Underworld. Unbeknownst to Zeus and the other deities, however, Hades despises the Underworld, as well as his job, finding them both gloomy, depressing, and overbearing. Because of this, Hades secretly plots to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus as the King of Deities, himself. Though powerful in his own right, Hades is considerably weaker than Zeus, and maybe Poseidon, if not equal to the latter. As such, he often allies himself with various beasts and creatures lurking throughout Greece or beyond, hiring them to do his bidding; one of the most notable examples is the Titans, who were imprisoned by Zeus millennia ago.

Powers and Abilities Edit

God Magic: As the god of death, Hades possesses vast power that he can manipulate without lifting a finger, but his power is nothing compared to his older brother Zeus. However, because he is descended from the royal family of Olympus, Hades powers surpass all other Olympians except of course his brother.

  • Immortality: He has not aged since reaching adulthood and is immune to the effects of aging. He cannot die by any conventional means. He is also immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections.
  • Reality Warping: He has the ability to warp reality by the using of a deal, deals which he on takes part in if it brings Hades benefit.
  • Control Over Life and Death: As the god of death, Pluto holds the power of life and death over the gods of Olympus.
  • Pyrokinesis: He is capable of creating mystical flames and can shoot them in any direction, which destroys any object in its path.
  • Telekinesis: He can move object with his mind, like when he throw an alter on Hercules.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport himself to one point to an other in a black smoke.
  • Conjuring: He has the ability to create objects out of black mist.
  • Underworld's Creatures Control: He has the ability to control monsters like Cerberus, a three-headed dog, guards his palace.